LAG e.V.

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Together, we educate Brandenburg


The  LAG, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für politisch-kulturelle Bildung in Brandenburg e.V. (Organization for civic education and democracy in Brandenburg) was founded in 1994. It is an umbrella organisation and representation of interests for currently 17 NGOs in the German Federal State of Brandenburg.


LAG works non-profit and provides civic, human rights and cultural education. In its educational activities, it focuses on topics and approaches relevant for the educational inclusion of learner groups like refugees, migrants, learners with special needs, learners living in rural areas and women. Its guiding principle is to contribute to social cohesion and sustainability in the German Federal State of Brandenburg. The LAG provides international advanced trainings for multipliers working in adult education, refugee relief and NGOs. It represents the political interests of its members, functions as coordinator and takes part in the organization of joint projects.

Our goal is to help shape, expand and network the extracurricular political education landscape in the state of Brandenburg. We strengthen and support the independent providers of political (further) education organised in the umbrella association with our expertise and many years of experience. In concrete terms, this means the following:


We represent

We represent the interests of our members in politics and in public, pass on professional information and support the exchange of experience. Where a small charity has no resources for direct dialogue with government representatives and ministries, we as an umbrella organisation can support our member organisations and identify and advocate for general political needs.

We network

We support the exchange of experiences among our member organisations, as we bring together many different providers of continuing education under our umbrella, who can enrich and inspire each other with their diverse formats and ways of working. Through active networking among each other, we encourage cooperation and joint project implementation, so that great project ideas can reach a broad mass of people throughout Brandenburg.

We inform

We inform the public about the work of the LAG and our current projects and training courses. We also pass on important information about upcoming events and funding so that our member organisations always have a comprehensive picture of the educational landscape in Brandenburg.

We work project based

We carry out projects together with our member organisations. The diversity that makes up our membership is reflected in the courses and events. The activities of the LAG thus not only illuminate social, political and cultural processes, but also ecological and economic ones.

We work participatively

In addition to the importance of holism, the participatory approach is also an essential pillar of our understanding of education. When designing projects and educational events, we start from the needs of the learners and the member organisations. We develop formats and contents together and implement them together.

We provide further training

We organise (international) training for all people working in the field of further education, whether full-time or on a voluntary basis. In this way we ensure that the diversity of content in civic education remains current and future-based, but also that every angle can be covered. We do not stop at the borders of Brandenburg, but maintain intensive relationships with partners throughout Germany and, through our activities in EU projects, with numerous cooperation partners abroad.

We educate sustainably

Projects on education for sustainable development are an integral part of the work of the LAG. We consider the goals of ESD to be an important cornerstone in political education, because the sustainability of every area of life determines the future of all of us.

We set impulses

We distinguish ourselves by always trying to set new impulses, to open up thinking spaces, to broaden perspectives and to critically and constructively question processes and conditions. For us, continuing education is multifaceted. It is very important to us to support our member organisations in developing innovative approaches (for education) in the Brandenburg regions, especially in areas that are "difficult to access" for educators. We are therefore open to exploring new methodological and content-related paths. The holistic view of the world and of education plays an essential role in this.

We think future-oriented

We are convinced that meaningful solutions to the challenges of this world can only be found if heart, hand and mind are addressed equally and transdisciplinarity is more than just a modern buzzword. In the projects, we aim to bring about social change by influencing attitudes and actions. Thus, we are not concerned with merely imparting knowledge, but with actively shaping the future. We prepare, initiate, intervene and ideally actively contribute to changing processes and conditions.