Advanced training with refugee women

Every woman that is forced to leave her home has her own story, her own perspective and her own experiences. Refugee women come from different contexts: They speak different languages, come from different countries and have experienced different education. Though, statistics show that refugee women take part in language courses and other educational activities more seldom than male refugees.


The pilot project "advanced training with refugee women" is a series of educational activities especially for refugee and migrant women. It takes place in Potsdam, Beeskow and Perleberg in the federal state of Brandenburg. What is particular in the pilot project is that the participants are involved in the choice of topics and the planning of the educational activities right from the start. In all three places, the project started with a workshop, in which the participants chose their favorite topics and decided, in which extend they should be implemented.


These workshops required a high level of communication, negotiation and co-working between the women that take part. So the project's aim is not only mediation of knowledge, it is an empowerment of the participating women.


To enable as many women as possible to take part, barriers for the participation were prevented, such as child care and translation. In every participating town, a multiplier supports the project and helps organizing the educational activities. The multipliers are persons of trust and contact partners for all requests concerning the project.


"Advanced training with refugee women" is financed by the federal ministry of eduation, youth and sports in Brandenburg.