„Synergies. Linking the competences and validation related needs of disadvantaged learners in adult education with the European and national Qualifications Frameworks”

The Erasmus+ project Synergies is a strategic partnership for adult education. Strategic partnerships are transnational projects for the transfer and development of innovation and best-practice on a regional, national and international level als well as between organizations.


Synergies addresses the field of validation of non-formal competences and knowledge in the European context.



  • report the status quo and good practice examples in validation of competences of educationally disadvantaged learners, including linkages to relevant public, private and third sector actors
  • develop recommendations with a special focus on the validation needs of educationally disadvantaged adult learners
  • design methods and tools for adult educators working with educationally disadvantaged learner groups
  • disseminate intellectual outputs, trainings and training materials to public, private and third sector adult education providers


Project partners:


Further Information: www.synergies.online

Project duration: september 2015 - may 2018